Henna, where for art thou?

Not trying to complain but oh, I miss putting henna in my hair at night!  My roots are so long.  I feel so much prettier without them.  But I switched to overnight henna applications because when I walk around the house with hena in, even with the mud under a plastic wrap, little specks of dried henna escape and I find them in odd places around the house… the last thing I need is for it to stain the floor or a carpet or spend more time scrubbing up stray specks while my baby is crying.  So overnight it is.  But between my 10-day-old baby and my two preschoolers I am just soooo busy right before bed.  And too tired to lie down, settle baby in to sleep with evening cluster feeding, and then get up to put it in.

Putting in henna is kind of an ordeal, even for the experienced.  The whole process takes me about 40 minutes: I seperate out my natural blond streak and put it in a little hair clip, then divide my hair into sections with regular hair clips.  I apply the henna in in the shower (without the water running).  That part is really fast: henna is on in under ten minutes. Then I wrap my hair up, then turn on the shower and rinse off both me and the shower floor, then rinse off whatever came in contact with the henna: hair clips, henna applicator bottle, etc.  Do you think I can do this without baby waking and asking for me to come back?  Moreover, I don’t think I can get out of bed once she lulls me to sleep with oxytocin 🙂

I actually stirred up some henna the night I ended up going into labour because I knew the birth was imminent and if it wasn’t going to be that night, I wanted to get it done.  Perfect example of ignoring labour, the best advice for having a lower or no medical intervention birth.  That worked out perfectly!  Counting my blessings!  Just not measuring my roots 🙂


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